Meet Our Team

Senior Traffic Engineer

Pratapsingh Bhonsle, PE, PTOE

Senior Transportation Engineer

Alan A. Dale, PE

Transportation Engineer

Pradeep Thummala, EI

Project Engineer

Carmelo Gutierrez, PE

Traffic Data Collection Supervisor

Diego Gutierrez

ITS Regional, L.L.C. is a certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and SBA (8a) Certified. We are a locally owned and operated civil engineering firm, providing traffic, transportation and infrastructure design services.

Our diverse group of highly qualified professionals has experience with leading, assisting and completing projects of all sizes. We take pride in pursuing a comprehensive approach to provide our clients with the research, planning, and design capabilities to justify and implement innovative context sensitive solutions.

Having built an enthusiastic team of professionals in Southeast Louisiana, ITS Regional offers a wide range of experience in transportation engineering and planning services. Our services include traffic engineering and transportation planning studies, pedestrian and bicycle facility studies, roundabout analysis and design, intersection and parking lot design, traffic signal timing and wiring design, work-zone temporary traffic control plans, roadway signing and marking plans and traffic data collection tasks.

In addition to our transportation engineering and planning services, you will find in us a trusted advisor in water, wastewater, drainage and associated civil engineering services. By focusing on relationships, our client support is attuned to your needs and flexible in addressing your unique concerns. We look forward to implement our visionary yet practical approach to solving your infrastructure related challenges.