Traffic Studies

• Traffic Impact Studies• Site Circulation and Site Access Studies • Traffic Calming Studies • Parking Studies • Interchange Justification Studies • Bicycle/ Pedestrian/ Transit Planning Studies • Signal/ Stop Signs Warrant Studies • Queuing Studies • Roundabout Design Studies • Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI) Studies

Traffic Studies

• Construction Area Traffic Control Devices Plan Design • Traffic Control Devices Plan Site Inspection

Traffic Control Device Plans

• Turning Movement Counts • Road Tube Volume/ Class/ Speed/ Gap Counts • Queue Counts • Pedestrian Counts • Travel Time Surveys • Parking Lot Demand & Supply Surveys • Sign Inventory Surveys

Traffic Data Collection

• Isolated and Coordinated Traffic Signal Systems Design • Signing and Pavement Marking Plans • Roundabout Design • Vehicular and Railroad Preemption System Design • Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI) Design • Intersection Design

Traffic Design Services

• Intersection/ Interchange/ Roadway Corridor Capacity Analysis • Microscopic Simulation Modeling (VISSIM) • Traffic Signal Timing and Operations Analysis

Traffic Modeling & Analysis

• Field Data Collection • Signal Timing Optimization • Intelligent Transportation Systems

Transportation Planning